Another innovative cancer project coordinated by the Celon Pharma S.A. Research and Development Centre has been launched

On 30 March this year the inaugural meeting was held for the research project: Development of modern biomarkers and development of an innovative FGFR kinase inhibitor for the treatment of neoplastic diseases – CELONKO; the meeting offered the project participants the chance to learn the main assumptions and current status of the project.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw, the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw, the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw and the Medical University of Gdańsk, all of which create the CELONKO project scientific consortium along with Celon Pharma S.A

The objective of the CELONKO project is preclinical and clinical development of a new anti-cancer drug targeting fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs). The project received funding from the National Centre for Research and Development under the STRATEGMED II programme.

Aleksandra Stańczak, MD, leader of the Oncology Research Group in the Celon Pharma S.A. Research and Development Centre, responsible for coordination of the project: WAs a result of R&D works, a selective, small-molecule FGFR inhibitor will be created. It will be possible to use this drug in the fight against stomach cancer, bladder cancer and in treatment of squamous cell lung cancer.

The consortium members' objective will be the development of a diagnostic test for identifying patients with FGFR receptor aberrations. This will allow for selecting the patients who would benefit most from a personalised therapy based on a selective FGFR inhibitor.

The treatment options we develop adopt a very innovative approach which has not been used in cancer treatment to date. The therapy we are developing will be based on a profiled therapeutic effect and will result in few adverse reactionspromises Jerzy Pieczykolan, PhD, Head of the Preclinical Research Department in the Celon Pharma S.A Research and Development Centre

Professor Joanna Chorostowska-Wynimko, PhD, the National Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw: Cancer is the second largest cause of death in the world; it is a pressing health and social problem. That is why we are very happy with the opportunity to work in the CELONKO project; I am convinced that by combining the forces of science and business we have a chance to develop an innovative treatment for some forms of solid tumours. Our tasks will include searching for molecular paths and diagnostic methods; we will also be in charge of the clinical part of the project along with the consortium leader, Celon Pharma.

The total cost of the project is PLN 54,717,125, of which PLN 38,613,623 is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.

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