Quality policy

Celon Pharma S.A. is a Polish biopharmaceutical company conducting research on innovative and generic drugs and producing modern medicinal products. The overriding goal of our activity is:

  • providing Patients with modern, effective and safe medicinal products and combination devices which are compliant with the law relevant to medicinal products and combination devices
  • improvement of Patients' quality of life, contribution to their better well-being and a healthier future
  • ensuring the availability and affordability of the manufactured medicinal products and combination devices.

The Quality Policy is implemented through:

  1. Involvement of all Employees in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an effective Quality Management System.
  2. Compliance with applicable legal requirements for medicinal products and medical devices, including combination devices.
  3. Maintaining quality and meeting the requirements of established specifications at all stages of the product life cycle: from development, manufacturing, testing, storage, distribution and sales, through continuous monitoring and improvement of implemented processes.
  4. Timeliness of order fulfillment.
  5. Continuous improvement of our Employees' qualifications and shaping quality awareness.
  6. Development of manufacturing technology through modernization of the existing infrastructure and implementation of innovative solutions.
  7. Conducting development work, bioanalytical and clinical research in accordance with legal requirements.
  8. Continuous improvement of cooperation with suppliers, service providers, consultants, stakeholders.
  9. Responsible and conscious management of resources and materials in order to minimize potentially adverse impact on the environment.

Aware of the responsibility, together with the Employees, we will create the Quality Policy and we will strive to improve our products, processes and the Quality Assurance System.