Celon Pharma S.A. is a partner of the “Aurelius Awards”

The Second International Congress of Forensic Psychiatry took place on 15-16 April 2016. The "Aurelius Awards" were conferred during the event. The initiative was supported by Celon Pharma S.A.

The aim of the "Aurelius Awards" is to recognise individuals who work to improve the quality of life of the mentally ill and who introduce a new approach to their situation, also with regard to judicial decisions.

Professor Piotr Gałecki, MD, Ph.D.: As experts in the field of psychiatry we realise how important it is to provide special treatment to the mentally ill who came into conflict with the existing moral and legal norms. That is why the idea of the "Aurelius Awards" is based on the principle introduced by the emperors Marcus Aurelius and Commodus: "satis furore ipso punitur", pursuant to which persons who are already punished by their madness should not be additionally penalised.

This year's "Aurelius Awards" were conferred in 3 categories. In the personality category the award was conferred to Professor Józef Gierowski, for his work on bringing medicine and law together. In the publication category the award was conferred to Wiktor Ferfecki, editor of the "Rzeczypospolita" daily. The social campaign "Faces of depression. I do not judge. I accept" was awarded for actions taken to promote the rights of patients with mental disorders.

Maciej Wieczorek, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A.: Celon Pharma S.A. addresses the needs of patients suffering i.a. from schizophrenia and depression, and thus supporting initiatives such as the "Aurelius Awards" is particularly important to us. We are happy to have had the opportunity to be there.

The International Congress of Forensic Psychiatry was co-organised by the European Psychiatric Association (EPA). The event brought together experts whose knowledge is essential to meet the challenges of ruling on cases regarding mental health and using psychiatry's achievements in the process of applying the law. This year's edition was attended by over 500 participants (including psychiatrists, psychologists, judges and prosecutors). The project enjoyed the patronage of, i.a. the Minister of Health, the Minister of Justice and the Rector of the Medical University of Lodz.