Celon Pharma S.A. reports a solid profit for 2017, gaining momentum in its quest towards the global market of innovative pharmaceutics

  • 107 million of sales income in 2017, enhancing the Company’s position on the Polish pharmaceutical market with an over 11% sale growth in terms of volume and4.3% in terms of value.
  • 7 million of export sales with a significant growth potential covering new European countries in the coming months.
  • Net profit for 2017 - 25.6 million - without taking into accounted one-off events associated with Salmex milestones, similar to values generated for 2016.
  • Over 100 million of co-financing for the development of innovative drugs obtained in 2017, new projects at the clinical development stage and very advanced progress in the construction of the Company’s new research and development centre.

Bogdan Manowski, Director for Development: The sales of products on the Polish market in 2017 met our expectations. Their position strengthened in terms of value and volume in their market categories. We have systematically built the presence of our flagship product abroad, obtaining subsequent marketing authorisations in European countries, including the Scandinavian market which is very demanding with regard to regulatory issues, where we are currently building the position of our product and from which we expect the greatest growth potential in the coming quarters. The growing sales market abroad will enable us to significantly increase revenues and profit from export activities in the years to come.

Maciej Wieczorek, PhD, President of the Board of Celon Pharma S.A.: It was a very important year which opened a completely new perspective for the growth of our Company's value. We have introduced the first molecules from our innovative pipeline to the clinical development, and the effects of our projects in the preclinical phase were received with great interest by partners around the world. The currently changing business model of pharmaceutical companies means that there is a growing need for dynamic innovative organisations with an attractive portfolio of breakthrough drugs in conditions for which there are unmet medical needs. We have solid reasons to believe that Celon Pharma is indeed such a Company. In 2018 we intend to consistently pursue a development strategy which will place our company at the forefront of innovative biopharmaceutical companies over the next few years.