Celon Pharma will present results of its research on esketamine and the PDE10A inhibitor at the 31st European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress in Barcelona

During the three days of the congress, more than 6,000 participants from all over the world: psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists, will discuss the most important scientific reports in the field of diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, from primary research to clinical development.

Representatives of the Oncology Research Group will present three poster session topics on 08 October 2018.

Poster 1: Safety and pharmacokinetics study of inhaled esketamine after a single dose in healthy volunteers
Presenter: Sylwia Janowska
Poster number: P.782

Poster 2: Pharmacodynamics of S-ketamine and ketamine racemate in rat PFC and HP after dry powder inhalation, intratracheal and intravenous
Presenter: Anna Gajos-Draus
Poster number: P.783

Poster 3: CPL-500-036 – novel and highly bioavailable PDE10A inhibitor activates cyclic nucleotides depending signaling in rat striatum
Presenter: Piotr Pankiewicz
Poster number: P.787