Current report No. 5/2024 – The Management Board’s recommendation on the payment of the dividend 

The Management Board of Celon Pharma S.A. (the “Company") informs that on May 23, 2024 it adopted a resolution on a recommendation for the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company on the payment of the dividend. The Management Board recommends the Company to pay out the dividend in the amount of PLN 0.08 (eight groszy) per one share, i.e. PLN 4,084,520.00 in total for all shares in the Company, whereas the amount of the recommended dividend will be paid out from the part of the Company's supplementary capital which was created from the profit generated in the previous years and complies with the requirements of Article 348 of the Commercial Companies Code.

The Management Board recommends June 28, 2024 as the dividend record date, and recommends that the dividend be paid out on July 4, 2024.

In relation to the occurrence of the Company’s net loss for the year 2023 in the amount of in PLN 28,124,219.91, the Management Board recommends to the Ordinary General Meeting that the aforementioned loss be covered by the part of the Company’s supplementary capital created from the share premium.

The final decision on coverage of the loss for the financial year 2023 and on payment of the dividend will be made by the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company.