The Wprost Innovator 2013 Award for Celon Pharma S.A.

Celon Pharma S.A. received the Wprost Innovator 2013 in the "Pharmacy and Medicine" category. Thus the company confirmed it belongs to one of the most innovative companies in Poland. 

The ranking of the most innovative Polish companies is prepared annually by the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the editors of "Wprost", a Polish weekly. Two innovative companies were rewarded in the "Pharmacy and Medicine" and received the Innovator 2013 statuette. A basis for the "Wprost" ranking is the "Report on the Polish economy innovation", where the Institute of Economic Sciences listed 500 most innovative companies in Poland.

Maciej Wieczorek, PhD, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A.: We appreciate this distinction very much. We are pleased and honoured that our potential and the results of our research resulted in us being included among Wprost Innovators. Our search for innovation and close cooperation with the scientific community has constituted a strong part of our company since the very beginning. We also treat this award as a commitment to make further efforts on the road towards innovative/cutting-edge therapies for patients. I strongly believe that our company has the ambitions and capacities to face this challenge and succeed.

Monika Lamparska – Przybysz, Head of the Innovative Medicines Research and Development Department in Celon Pharma S.A.: We are currently developing 9 innovative projects ranging from the concept, through organic synthesis, in vitro studies, all the way to pre-clinical tests on animals. Our work has resulted in four patent applications: two in oncology and two in central nervous system disorders. When implementing our projects, we cooperate with key research centres in Poland.

 The Wprost Innovator 2013 award ceremony was held on 17 October 2013.


More information can be obtained by contacting:

Małgorzata Siewierska,
Celon Pharma S.A. Press Office
602 301 215
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Celon Pharma S.A. is an integrated pharmaceutical company which conducts advanced research and manufactures modern drugs. It was founded in 2002 by a man with a vision, passion, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in this line of business – Maciej Wieczorek. The primary objective of the company is the manufacturing of specialist prescription drugs which improve quality of life of patients and constitute an answer to their unmet clinical needs. Celon Pharma S.A. has two fully equipped laboratories at its disposal, dedicated to research and development (R&D) of medicinal products, both generic and innovative. Two of Celon Pharma S.A's production plants have appropriate GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) authorisations. The main office and the laboratories are located within 30 km from the centre of Warsaw. The company currently has approx. 200 employees. It employs 40 scientists responsible for research and development, half of whom either have a PhD or are in the process of acquiring their PhD.