Celon Pharma increases the chances for a neuropsychiatric blockbuster and increases its export rates

Three active clinical programmes, including two regarding the most dynamic therapeutic area from the point of view of the next decade, which is neuropsychiatry, advanced pre-clinical development of drug candidates with innovative potential, continuation of construction of the largest Centre for Science and Research in Central and Eastern Europe together with a great financial result from sales of products in Poland and abroad – Celon Pharma definitely accelerates its development on the global pharmaceutical market.

The largest portfolio of innovative drugs in Poland and a chance for a blockbuster

In its pipeline, the Company currently has 12 projects of new drugs in four therapeutic groups, namely: neuropsychiatry, metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases and oncology. The most advanced in development is esketamine in treating drug resistant depression, which now is the second clinical phase. At the beginning of March, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the first drug based on this molecule. However, according to experts, the whole market might achieve the value from USD 2.5 billion to USD 4 billion [1].

A Growing share of export and growth perspectives in subsequent periods

The Company recorded a 17% increase in YoY net sales revenue – to PLN 125 million for 2018, which led to a 16% increase in its net profit which in 2018 achieved the value of PLN 29.7 million. Comparing to the same period last year, the export sales value increased by over 200%, to 21.6 million.

Bogdan Manowski, Director for Business Development, Member of the Management Board: The sales structure did not drastically change in 2018 and its value in Poland is still high and stable. In accordance with the assumptions, the export increased and reached 24% share in the structure of all our products at the end of the year. In the upcoming months we expect further market authorisations of the products, for example on the French and Spanish markets. Thus, in 2019, Salmex will be present on the key European markets where, together with our partner, we are going to work on its availability which will be reflected in the results of the next periods.

As the scientific and research works advance, the Company is holding talks connected with partnering for certain projects in accordance with the adopted strategy of the world commercialisation concerning an innovative drug candidate portfolio.