Celon Pharma S.A. with a poster session at ESMO 2017

Poster Design and development of potent E1 ubiquitin activating enzyme inhibitor, CPL-410-005, as novel anticancer therapy - Presented by the leader of the Oncology research team, Aleksandra Stańczak MD at this year’s largest cancer treatment conference. The European Society of Medical Oncology Meeting was held on 9-12 September.  It was participated by 24 thousand participants from 131 countries and 1800 abstracts were qualified for presentations.
Maciej Wieczorek, PhD, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A. We treat taking part in events such as this as an important tool bringing us closer to global commercialisation of our innovative portfolio.
Aleksandra Stańczak, MD: Our poster aroused great interest among visitors. Inhibiting initiation of the protein degradation pathway is a new, innovative and effective therapeutic approach in cancer therapy with special focus on solid tumours and cancer of the blood. The compound developed by Celon Pharma scientists is more active than the previous inhibitors of the enzyme initiating the protein degradation pathway. The CPL-410-005 inhibitor has huge anticancer potential, i.a. for breast, prostate or colon cancers. 
ESMO is a non-profit organisation which has supported both research and an exchange of experience between oncologists, biologists and other scientist working on cancer in Europe since 1975. It is responsible for contributing to and the publication of guidelines in specific types of cancer. The project presented at the event received a positive decision of the National Centre for Research and Development in August this year; thus the Company will receive approx.. PLN 25.75 million co-funding for its implementation until finalisation of phase 2 of clinical trials.