Dr. Maciej Wieczorek among the speakers at the JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit 2020

The CEO of Celon Pharma will participate and hold a presentation at a summit devoted to clinical translation and optimisation of JAK inhibitors. It will also involve interdisciplinary discussions and panels aimed at developing effective JAK inhibitor development strategies and turning them into an effective response to unmet clinical needs of patients in various areas. Maciej Wieczorek will be the only representative of the Polish biotech industry at the meeting; the title of his speech is: Dual JAK/ROCK Inhibitors: Moving JAK Inhibition to the New Therapeutic Avenues Where Anti-Inflammation & Anti-Fibrotic Activity is Needed.

Celon Pharma is currently developing a JAK/ROCK inhibitor in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. The key goal of the project is to create an innovative, targeted drug used in the treatment of immune diseases, which will exceed other therapies available on the market in terms of activity and safety, and also constitute an alternative for patients in whom standard treatment is ineffective.
More information: JAK Summit