FAIND – A new diabetes treatment using an innovative FGF1 protein analogue.

Diabetes is one of the most common and serious diseases of affluence in the modern society. The number of patients developing this conditions is constantly growing and diabetes complications pose a serious threat to their health and life. The project aims at developing an innovative and original anti-diabetic medication based on FGF1 protein analogue (Fibroblast Growth Factor), with properties make it an alternative therapy for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.
In the framework of the project we will conduct research on the structure of innovative proteins, test them in both vitro and in vivo as well as production and characterisation of proteins. Such procedures will allow us to select a candidate for toxicological tests and phase 1 clinical trials as well as to design the process of industrial production and prepare CTA documentation. The result will be development and marketing of an original FGF1 protein analogue used in treatment of diabetes.

The project has been carried out by Celon Pharma in a scientific-business consortium with the University of Wrocław.

Total value of the project amounts to PLN 13 396 154,28  , while the total value of funding under Smart Growth Operational Programme Measure 9 941 542,38  zł w ramach POIR 4.1.4.