Innovators’ Breakfast with Celon Pharma S.A.

Dr. Maciej Wieczorek participated in the Innovators’ Breakfast at the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the National Centre for Research and Development. The purpose of the meeting was to inaugurate the “Fast Path” contest, but also to discuss the directions of the development of innovative economy in 2020 and the related challenges that await Polish companies.

Dr. Maciej Wieczorek, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A.: Nowadays, innovation investments are crucial from the point of view of the entire economy, and especially important in the life-science sector, which faces huge challenges related not only to diagnostics but also a real response to both new and existing medical needs of societies. Systemic support of state institutions in this area, especially the NCRD funds, is the fuel which makes it possible to really work on breakthrough therapies. Our pipeline currently features several such project