TrackB - Preclinical and clinical development of innovative TrkB antagonist in treatment of nervous system disorders.

Funding Agreement No.: POIR.01.02.00-00-0020/17-00 under Measure 1.2: “Sectoral R&D programmes”
Date of the contract conclusion: 17.11,2017

Depression is the most common central nervous system disorder. The currently available depression treatments are not without limitations as their therapeutic effects are observed only after a couple of weeks of regular drug administration. Furthermore, such therapies include the risk of developing adverse effects and drug resistance, which is why designing innovative and safe treatments is more than necessary. The main aim of the project is developing a new orally administered TrkB receptor antagonist as an alternative to currently available depression treatments in patients who additionally suffer from cognitive disorders. An innovative TrkB antagonist will mimic biological functions of the neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which, according to current scientific knowledge, is crucial for obtaining therapeutic effects. The applicant intends to synthesise a new selective molecule which will be selected on the basis of characteristics of its interaction with the receptor, physicochemical properties, in vitro activity and ADMET parameters. In vivo tests proving antidepressant and procognitive effects of the selected antagonist will allow for continuing pharmacological and toxicological tests. A successful completion of preclinical trials will allow to commence phase 1 clinical trial and determine the recommended dose of the drug in phase 2. Finally, in phase 2a the drug candidate will be administered to patients with depressive disorders so that its antidepressant and procogintive effects can be evaluated. Anticipated date of commencing the project: 01.10.2017 Anticipated end date of the project: 30 September 2022

Total value of the TrackB project
34 442 836,00 PLN
Total value of funding: 22 878 140,00 PLN