Our Mission

We conduct advanced research, manufacture modern drugs and are committed to an ambitious and inspiring goal: improving the quality of human life by increasing activity and well-being of patients and extending their life. We are a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. For many years we have invested in research on new therapies and innovative manufacturing technologies which allows us to continuously enhance the quality of our products. The mission of Celon Pharma is marketing specialised products which address the most important clinical challenges and facilitate patients' access to new therapies.

Maciej Wieczorek, PhD, CEO of Celon Pharma S.A.

Celon Pharma S.A. – an integrated biopharmaceutical company established in 2002. Its focus is on research conducted on innovative therapeutic solutions and on development, production, distribution and marketing of specialised generic products. The drugs manufactured by Celon Pharma S.A. help thousands of patients lead a better and longer life.

Celon Pharma S.A – a place which combines care for patients and a passion for science, all to create breakthrough solutions addressing the patients' unmet clinical needs. The company has its own research and development laboratory, which allows it to develop its own pharmaceutical technologies by using extensive laboratory equipment resources, as well as the experience and expertise of its staff.

Celon Pharma S.A. has two fully equipped laboratories dedicated to research and development of medicinal products (R&D) for both generic and innovative drugs. Two of Celon Pharma S.A.'s production plants have appropriate GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) authorisations. The GMP certificate obtained by the company allows it to obtain marketing authorisation for drugs and to market them in all EU countries, guaranteeing applicable manufacturing quality standards.

The main office and the laboratories are located within 30 km from the centre of Warsaw. The company currently has approx. 200 employees. It employs 50 scientists responsible for research and development, half of whom either have a PhD or are in the process of acquiring their PhD.