Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

The Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory conducts syntheses of the designed low molecular weight compounds by using carousel reactors and modern flow-through reactors. By using the TLC-MS attachment, chemists can easily control the synthesis course and quickly characterise products of reaction mixtures. Every compound obtained is cleaned using flash chromatography or highly efficient preparative systems. The quality of the purified compounds is confirmed by the 1H and 13C NMR analysis and mass spectrometry. For selected compounds the team of Chemists also has the capacity to conduct synthesis on a larger scale. Because or laboratory is equipped with glass reactors (1-10L), process burners and efficient purification systems (Prep HPLC), we have the possibility of conducting syntheses in a scale of up to several kilograms. Apart form syntheses, the laboratory also conducts research on polymorphic forms for selected compounds. For this purpose we use parallel crystallisation reactors. The solid forms of low molecular weight compounds, or their pharmaceutical salts obtained in the crystallisation process are characterised by using the following techniques: Raman spectroscopy, IR, DSC-TGA,or solid state NMR.