Sustainable development policy

The sustainable development policy adopted by CELON PHARMA S.A. is based on two fundamental aspects:

  • defining the basic needs of employees and preventing discrimination.
  • meeting the current and future needs for the Company's economic development due to technological progress will not result in the manufacturing process's harmful impact on the environment and natural resources.

The management model adopted in CELON PHARMA S.A. which implements strategies in the field of sustainable development implies adequate and consciously developed relations between the Company's:

  • economic growth,
  • care for the environment and
  • meeting the social needs of its employees.

The Company takes all measures necessary to preserve the proper balance between all of these above-mentioned areas. The idea behind this approach is to achieve as much synergy as possible in obtaining the desired economic results by exercising care of the environment and ensuing comfort of work. We believe that one of the most important components of any company's success are areas such as satisfaction at work and confidence that the actions taken will contribute to popularisation of solutions aiming at the protection of the natural environment. This is the only attitude which allows for planning long-term business strategies which use the human potential in full and ensure that employees are truly engaged in the projects they implement. We are a company which refuses to accept a ruthless approach to profit maximisation achieved at the expense of both the environment and the well-being of the company's employees.

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