Environmental policy

The strategy adopted by CELON PHARMA S.A is based on creating a balance between society, economy and environmental resources. While ensuring constant economic progress, we endeavour to address the needs of the modern society without forgetting the needs of the future generations.

Concern for the environment is manifested at every stage of projects implemented by CELON PHARMA S.A. – starting with purchases, audit of suppliers and contractors, and ending with implementing innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. We believe that our attention to environmental aspects has a direct impact on both the economic efficiency of the company and the economic development of the country.

The CELON PHARMA S.A.'s environmental policy is implemented i.a. by way of:

  • reducing water and energy consumption,
  • reducing the emission of pollutants into the air and water,
  • economic use of by-products and waste and reducing the amount of treated waste,

CELON PHARMA S.A. respects national and EU provisions and implements procedures which are necessary for consistent management in line with environment protection rules, which is evidenced by the introduction of the ISO 14001 Integrated Management System..

We realise that environmental protection largely depends on the technologies we use. That is why we strive to achieve innovative goals in terms of technologies, products and processes. One of those goals is construction of a modern manufacturing plant with a research and development facility. Solutions consisting in the implementation of cutting-edge technological processes will allow for a reduction of energy consumption in company's everyday functioning. Renewable sources of energy in the form of solar panels will be installed on the building.

Environmental education of employees

The  CELON PHARMA S.A. management board strives to ensure that all employees know and respect the company's environmental policy and are aware that they too are responsible for its effective implementation. Promoting pro-environmental behaviour among employees additionally creates the opportunity to promote such attitudes to their personal life and popularising the idea of environmentally conscious perception of the world. CELON PHARMA S.A. considers this unquestionably proves the fact that the organisational solutions it implemented are both justified and economically prudent.

CELON PHARMA S.A. we are aware that being environment-friendly has also other benefits: social approval of the company's activities, improving the company's reputation among customers and increasing its credibility among its partners, employee motivation, minimising company costs (e.g. by reducing the amount of generated waste and the cost of its disposal, reducing pollution, etc.), tightening environmental standards, improving safety at work in the enterprise, creating new products and technologies, and even new markets, based on environment-friendly processes.