Equal opportunities policy

CELON PHARMA S.A. as a modern company is aware that employees are its greatest asset and the key strength of the organisation. Furthermore, we are well aware that their contentment and job satisfaction translate directly into the company's performance and development. Significant job satisfaction makes our employees more involved in the tasks they implement, they identify with the company to a greater extent and are more productive, which in turn results in the higher quality of the services they provide. All these factors together contribute to the company's dynamic development.
In CELON PHARMA S.A., all employees are equal – regardless of their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, creed, skin colour, ethnic origin – all have equal opportunities to create their own development path. We value professionalism, a responsible approach to executing one's obligations and competencies of individual employees.
Therefore since its very establishment, CELON PHARMA S.A. has implemented the equal opportunities policy in employment on different levels of its activity. The adopted policy is based on the principles specified in EU Directives (including i.a. Council Regulation No. 1083/2006).


Every employee of the company has access to information about his/her rights and obligations and of the values underpinning the company's organisational culture, which translates into clarity and transparency of mutual expectations and everyday rules of conduct. CELON PHARMA S.A. aims to create a work environment based on respect and mutual trust. Every employee of the company:

  • knows his/her responsibilities
  • has the opportunity to conduct an open and constructive dialogue on his/her performance
  • can count on assistance in his/her professional development
  • is recognised and rewarded for achievements based on merit
  • can speak out and impact the entire team's improved results
  • is treated fairly, with respect and dignity and is not discriminated against
  • has a sense of support in terms of implementation of personal priorities.


Recruitment policy adopted in CELON PHARMA S.A. is implemented in a way which ensures equal chances of all potential candidates for the given job. Our recruitment policy respects in particular the following principles:

  • sufficiently long recruitment period which enables all interested candidates to respond to the job advertisement
  • publication of the job advertisement in various media (press, Internet, company website), which results in the advertisement reaching a wider group of potentially interested candidates
  • lack of information in the advertisement about the preferred gender of the candidates
  • applying the same criteria to all candidates regardless of their gender or other legally protected qualities, including general social views
  • refraining from asking about the candidate's marital status, their plans for establishing a family or having children and their availability


CELON PHARMA S.A. strongly believes that acquiring and retaining good employees requires more than just a competitive salary and a stimulating working environment. The company's actions are also focused on the aspects which aim at helping employees to combine responsibilities at work with family commitments. That is why CELON PHARMA S.A. declares it is always open to employee initiatives concerning maintaining balance between family and work life. Whenever possible, the company supports this type of initiatives, in particular by:

  • its flexible approach to the daily working time
  • allowing for flexible hours for starting and ending work
  • adjusting the workplace to the employee's family situation and possible change of residence
  • allowing for overtime to be used as time off on days which suit the employee best
  • helping to find accommodation, childcare, free vacancies in kindergartens

The company currently employs about 200 employees. Management positions are taken up equally by men and women depending on their qualifications and the results of recruitment processes for the given position. The employee age range is over 40 years, which fully confirms equal opportunities in access to positions regardless of the stage of career one is at.

While focusing on equal treatment of all employees, at the same time the company promotes diversity – understood as respect for values and beliefs, convictions, experiences and everyone's right to his/her own opinion.
Another area is the ongoing training of our employees. The training system starts at the level of individual departments. We organise training trips participated by all employees and individual training courses delivered by competent units. Every employee has equal access to a professional education system. The company provides possibilities for continuous enhancement of qualifications by supporting training and educational initiatives. This support includes also language training as well as other interests of employees, not necessarily associated with their profession. Such a policy ensures that employees are fully committed to the company and engaged in their work.

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